Solar PV Experience the transformative potential of solar energy with Weatherproofing Advisors. Our tailored commercial Solar PV installations pave the way for a sustainable, cost-effective, and resilient business future. Start your journey towards energy independence and significant savings today! Learn More WE ARE RECRUITING We are offering the opportunity for experienced industrial/commercial roofers to join our existing workforce and/or are offering construction workers with transferable skills to join us with a tailored training programme. Apply Now Weatherproofing Advisors Established in 1987 and with over 30 years of expertise, Weatherproofing Advisors are recognised as one of the UK’s leading Roofing and Cladding Refurbishment Contractors. About Us Roof Cladding Refurbishing or replacing a cladded roof particularly over a live working environment provides many challenges for both the contractor and the client. More Info SLATING AND TILING Our skilled workforce have experience of installing all of the popular types of roof tiles and slates and our National Supply Chain have access to all premier UK and European manufacturers. More Info Scaffold We take pride in our professional approach, and have a reputation for providing a high standard of service. We offer tailor scaffolding, access and containment solutions that meet all our clients high expectations. More Info INVESTORS IN PEOPLE You have a clear business strategy to support your vision in developing the Company. To underpin this you have identified clear areas for improvement and have identified strategic objectives to support these. Safety Systems As experts in providing appropriate health and safety measures for roofing work, we can advise and implement safe roof access systems for buildings of all different sizes and roof types. More Info NATIONAL COVERAGE Specialising in the maintenance and refurbishment of all types of roof structures and wall cladding, Weatherproofing Advisors has built an enviable reputation around our passion for providing our customers with unparalleled levels of service. With Service Centres in Bristol - London - Merseyside - Newcastle - Glasgow More Info SPECIALIST SURVEYING SERVICES Weatherproofing Advisors provide a comprehensive range of survey types and techniques to ensure our customers proposals are supported with the necessary evidence to justify the proposed works and expenditure. More Info MAINTENANCE Over the years Weatherproofing Advisors has recognised the Importance of our customers initiating a regular Maintenance regime with respect to their roof stock. This Maintenance regime is equally as important with newly installed roofs as it is with aged roof systems. More Info Green roofs Green roofs can be designed and installed on a new building or as part of a building refurbishment. The planning, and maintenance of all green roofs is covered by the UK Green roof Code of Practice (GRO), (source and is derived from the German FLL standard. More Info Flat roofing Over the last 30 years Weatherproofing Advisors have been designing, installing and repairing flat roof systems for a vast range of clients, from smaller projects such as a Scottish Power substation up to multi-million pound projects such as Euston Station. More Info BIRD NETTING While most of us like to see birds around, it can be a very different matter when there are too many of them in the wrong place. Birds like pigeons, starlings, and seagulls can become a terrible nuisance if they’re allowed to congregate on business premises. More Info Weatherproofing Advisors Solar PV
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