Celebrating 30 years at the top of our industry

Established in 1987 and with over 30 years of expertise, Weatherproofing Advisors are recognised as one of the UK’s leading Roofing and Cladding Refurbishment Contractors.

Specialising in the maintenance and refurbishment of all types of roof structures and wall cladding, Weatherproofing Advisors has built an enviable reputation around our passion for providing our customers with unparalleled levels of service.

Our years of expertise and superlative customer service has won us contracts with some of the country’s industrial and commercial leaders, for whom we continue to provide high quality, long lasting and reliable results.

Our recent 2016 Annual Service Review revealed that 87% of our customers said we had consistently delivered exceptional levels of service and we were their ‘go to’ contractor for all of their roofing needs.

Our services include roofing refurbishment, cladding refurbishment, flat roof repairs, wall cladding, roof cladding, bird netting and roof maintenance.

Weatherproofing Advisors operate from four strategically placed Service Centres across the UK, providing a truly national service.

Why chose Weatherproofing Advisors?

  • Technical Competence with can do philosophy
  • Measured and Managed System for Service
  • Experienced in working in the most challenging and demanding work environments
  • Health and Safety ‘first’ culture
  • Recognised by Investors in People as an exemplar in the Construction Industry
  • National capability with multi skilled in house workforce
  • Meaningful Guarantees supported by Roof Maintenance aftercare programme
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