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As well as providing a weatherproof skin to the building, wall cladding also provides an image and identity to the building.  That is why many retailers duplicate the look, style and colour across all of their building stock.  Unlike the roof which is mostly out of sight the condition and appearance of the walls to a building immediately create an impression and makes a statement.

Maintaining a positive image for a building is important to all building owners, whether you are trying to attract customers to come in or encourage someone to rent or buy the property.

Like all building materials, wall cladding whether it be steel, timber or fibre reinforced panels, has a lifecycle and at some point will require refurbishing or ultimately replacing.

Weatherproofing Advisors can guide you through the options available based on a thorough survey of the existing cladding panels and related components.

Our independent approach and capability of providing a full range of refurbishment options will allow us to design and specify a system which meets your requirements both from an aesthetics and budgetary perspective.

Weatherproofing Advisors offer a full range of wall cladding systems and installations.

  • Specialist decorative coatings
  • Fixing replacement / panel replacement
  • Corrugated Asbestos cement removal
  • Composite wall cladding systems
  • Architectural wall panels
  • Overcladding
  • Green walls

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