Temporary Roofs Temporary Roofs WPA Scaffold specialise in providing Temporary Roof Structures and mobile shelters for all types of projects ranging from re-roofing entire buildings to mobile shelters to enable surface preparation work to be undertaken. More Info Scaffold Design & Calculations Scaffold Design & Calculations WPA Scaffolding offer an in-house design service which will allow you to get the perfect scaffolding for your project. More Info Scaffold Inspection Service Scaffold Inspection Service Our scaffold inspectors will help you to ensure your scaffolding is safe and has been built as per a design or we will advise otherwise. More Info Conventional Tube and Fitting Conventional Tube and Fitting At WPA Scaffold, we provide professional scaffolds for a variety of commercial properties including retail shops, office blocks, factories and showrooms to mention but a few. More Info HAKI System Scaffolding HAKI System Scaffolding HAKI modular scaffolding systems are trusted by clients and contractors worldwide. HAKI achieves ultimate efficiency and safety when assembling and working at height during temporary works, in a variety of challenging industry sectors. More Info Access staircases Access staircases WPA Scaffolding has come away from using the traditional ladders as a means of access. All of our jobs will be erected with a HAKI system staircase to allow better safety access and egress from the working platforms. More Info Edge Protection Edge Protection WPA Scaffolding are designers and installers of temporary roof edge protection. Our temporary edge protection systems have been designed and tested to Class A, B and C of the European Standard BS EN 13374:2013, providing complete safety when working at height. More Info Commercial and Local Authority Scaffolding Commercial and Local Authority Scaffolding We offer a range of solutions to companies and local authorities, including new build and renovation projects for schools, universities and colleges. More Info Industrial Industrial Scaffolding We offer a range of solutions to companies and local authorities, including new build and renovation projects for schools, universities and colleges. More Info Educational Educational With large numbers of children and young adults on your site , safety and security are top priority. At WPA Scaffolding, we promise that the assembling of the scaffolding itself - will be conducted in a manner that is minimally disruptive and absolutely trustworthy and safe. More Info Retail Retail Scaffolding With so many people visiting your retail site, from staff and customers to couriers and suppliers, it’s crucial that every inch of scaffolding is safe and secure. We achieve this by first talking through every detail, followed by creating 3D plans and 2D drawings of how everything will fit together. More Info Public Sector Public Sector WPA Scaffolding has worked on a large number of public sector jobs, which means that we have practical knowledge of all types of arrangements. From hospitals, nursing homes and secure sites, we can work under the circumstances appropriate to your organisation. More Info National Coverage NATIONAL COVERAGE Specialising in the maintenance and refurbishment of all types of roof structures and wall cladding, Weatherproofing Advisors has built an enviable reputation around our passion for providing our customers with unparalleled levels of service. With Service Centres in Bristol - London - Merseyside - Newcastle - Glasgow More Info
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