Culture of the business

The Health, Safety and Environmental impact of our processes on our customers and employees are of paramount importance to Weatherproofing Advisors.

We are committed to specifying, designing and installing roofing systems together with operating a business that meets the highest standards to ensure a safe and secure environment. The company attaches the greatest importance to health and safety considering this to be a responsibility ranking above all other management functions within the organisation.

We are committed to maintaining our zero tolerance approach to health & safety incidents by:

  • Providing pre-start health & safety inductions for all personnel on every contract.
    Ensuring all our personnel are fully briefed and inducted in all relevant health and safety regulations and procedures before starting work on a project greatly reduces the risk of incidents occurring. It means that the team shares a full knowledge of health and safety protocols and is able to implement cohesive safeguards and preventative measures.
  • Ongoing health & safety monitoring throughout the life of every contract.
    As work on a project continues, different challenges and possible risks come to light. With continual monitoring and assessment of the health and safety protocols in place on a project, any problems or risks are spotted early, before any serious incidents can happen.
  • Delivering ongoing training for all our personnel – both internally and externally.
    Regulations and laws change regularly in regards to health and safety as new technologies are developed, while other information can be forgotten or missed. By ensuring all of our personnel, both management and casual workers, are being trained on changes to health and safety procedure as well as reminded of current practices, we can be sure that our staff are working towards a safe and compliant work environment.
  • Reinforcing the standards and guidelines in our Health & Safety Charter.
    Our Health & Safety Charter is the cornerstone of our practice, and by reinforcing the standards and guidelines within it we are ensuring a consistency of excellence in our health and safety practice for every project and contract we undertake.
  • Sharing our health & safety knowledge in the local communities.
    With 30 years of experience in implementing stringent health and safety policies and procedures in roofing and cladding refurbishment, Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd are able to share this knowledge and experience in our local communities, with the intention of minimising health and safety incidents across the board.

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