Weatherproofing Advisors are pleased to announce the successful completion of an extensive Bird netting project for B&Q in Norwich. The project covering an area of 10,000 square metres was Designed, Managed and Installed by directly employed Weatherproofing Advisors engineers and consisted of the installation of Polyethylene Gull Netting, raised up by 2m on roof mounts to allow maintenance access, using a stainless steel wire framework with stainless steel fixings.
Local residents and customers had been complaining about the Seagulls becoming aggressive during their nesting season. At short notice, Weatherproofing Advisors completed the works in a 3 week period preventing the Seagulls from nesting on the B&Q roof as they have done historically.

We were also delighted to receive some fantastic responses to our work too:

How was there overall performance?

Overall performance was excellent, the guys that you had on the job were great at communicating and everyday made sure that we knew what was happening. I would certainly have them back for any future work.

Have they Communicated with you throughout the job?

Again excellent could not fault it, they told everyday what was happening. When the team was on site or offsite the team always let us know. They also kept us fully informed of timescales and what progress they were making. Over all excellent.

Are they Polite?

No issues always helpful and supportive certainly one of the best teams I have come across in my time with B&Q.

Would you have them work for you in the future?

A big YES, I really want them to do my roofing repairs and I am hoping will be able to get this done. I highly recommend this team to any organisation.


For more information on this project, or if you have a specific need for bird netting please contact us on [email protected] or telephone your local service centre.