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Over the years Weatherproofing Advisors has recognised the Importance of our customers initiating a regular Maintenance regime with respect to their roof stock. This Maintenance regime is equally as important with newly installed roofs as it is with aged roof systems.

Over the last twenty years the Commercial and Industrial markets have demanded longer term Guarantees for new roof installations often incorporating independent Insurance backing.

To maintain the cover on this type of Guarantee it is mandatory that a rigid inspection / Maintenance regime is initiated to conform to often complicated terms of the Guarantee. Failure to follow this regime will render the Guarantee invalid and expose the building owner to often unnecessary expense with respect to repairs and ultimately roof replacement.

Weatherproofing Advisors Maintenance Division was developed to provide both Roof Care and Roof Aftercare services to our National and Regional Customers.

Our expertise in ensuring that the roof maintenance terms of guarantees and warranties for commercial and industrial buildings throughout the country are met, places Weatherproofing Advisors in prime position to manage the roof maintenance regimes of businesses and commercial properties country-wide. By providing management of guarantees and warranties, annual roof surveys, inspections & remedial maintenance roofing work, and audits of roof access and safety systems to ensure that they are up to regulation standards, Weatherproofing Advisors provide a complete roof maintenance service for all commercial and industrial roofing systems.


  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Guarantee / Warranty Management
  • Secure Internet Data Storage System
  • Roof Access and Safety System Audits