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Over the last 30 years Weatherproofing Advisors have been designing, installing and repairing flat roof systems for a vast range of clients, from smaller projects such as a Scottish Power substation up to multi-million pound projects such as Euston Station.

All five of our service centres are able to offer a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, as well as the ability to work closely with any one of our specific local supply chain partners to offer tailor made flat roof installation and repair solutions to meet any guarantee and/or budget requirement.

Depending on the issue that needs to be resolved, Weatherproofing Advisors can utilise a number of different approaches and solutions to resolve any flat roof problems. Issues such as pooling water on flat roofs, new waterproofing being required, flat roof repair issues, or aging flat roof systems being at risk of causing problems have all previously been handled by Weatherproofing Advisors quickly, efficiently and with little disruption to client operations.

The following systems are widely used across all of our service centres;

  • Built up felt Systems (torch-on & flame free) 
    A common way to waterproof and weatherproof flat roof systems, built up felt systems are quick to install, lightweight and cost effective.
  • Single Ply membrane
    Single ply roof systems have grown in popularity in recent years, due to the versatility, speedy installation and relatively low price.
  • Liquid Applied Systems
    Liquid applied flat roof systems provide a seamless, long lasting weatherproofed finish, and are a simple solution to providing refurbishment to flat roofs with unusual or awkward details, such as protruding pipes, gutters and upstands.
  • Green Roof Systems
    An environmentally friendly solution, green roof systems incorporate plant friendly materials to encourage a lush growth of vegetation and plants on the roof.

Our UK wide directly employed operatives are fully trained and conversant in the application of all preferred systems to ensure that Quality, Service and Safety is at the heart of every project we deliver.

Waterproofing Systems for Flat and Pitched Membrane Roofs

The flat roofing and membrane system market is undoubtedly the most competitive and marketed sector of the building industry.

The industry is complicated by hundreds of suppliers, all offering a variety of solutions to repair and refurbish flat and pitched membrane roofs.

Weatherproofing Advisors are recognised as industry specialists with respect to waterproofing systems for flat and pitched roofs and for over thirty years have provided guidance and specification support to national organisations, building owners, maintenance managers, building surveyors and architects.

Weatherproofing Advisors offer a range of systems to accommodate every requirement and budget.

  • We will offer alternative systems for you to consider and explain the ‘pros and cons’ of each.
  • We will provide accurate quotations ensuring there are no surprises upon project completion.
  • We will consider and factor in all health and safety and environmental factors.
  • We will provide meaningful guarantees along with an aftercare service to ensure your guarantee is protected.

Weatherproofing Advisors work very closely with our selected supply chain to ensure the roof systems we recommend are to the highest quality and have a proven track record of durability and performance.


System Types / Waterproofing System Options

  • Multi-layer bituminous elastomeric felt systems
  • Single layer bituminous elastomeric felt systems
  • Liquid applied coating systems
  • Fast cure coating systems for roofs, car parks, balconies and podium decks
  • Green roof systems
  • Single ply polymeric membrane systems
  • Heat activated and cold applied membranes
  • Factory mutual assured systems
  • Insulated systems
  • Cold Melt systems

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