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Weatherproofing Advisors offer specifiers a range of workshops designed to enhance their roofing knowledge with respect to industry best practice and new developments.

Weatherproofing Advisors operate independently of any roofing manufacturers and as such can provide evidential unbiased assessments of products, systems and practices which exist within the industry.

Recognised by the Institute of Roofing as an approved training provider, Weatherproofing Advisors have always been proactive in trying to raise standards within the roofing industry.

Providing specifiers and building owners with a clearer insight into the challenges that present themselves when planning and carrying out roof refurbishment works is just another way of encouraging discussion and interaction with goals of continual improvement and raising the standards.

Asbestos and Safety

Dilapidations and surveying

Green Roofs

Asbestos Cement in commercial, Industrial and public buildings

Safe access and application when working with Asbestos cement roofs

Asbestos removal and disposal – legislation and best practice

Refurbishment – Options available where asbestos is present

Types of roof structure and covering

Things to consider when surveying a roof

Methods of surveying a roof

Options available for repair and refurbishment

Roofing products – environmental impact

Roofing products – innovation

Features and benefits

Types of green roofs


Suitable applications

Incentives and support available

Carbon Sequestration Potential