Prior to a Maintenance or Refurbishment system being considered, it is critical that an independent Roof Survey is carried out to determine the true condition of the existing waterproofing system and substrate.

The Survey should be carried out by a qualified Surveyor / Roofing professional and should follow the guidelines issued by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors and the Institute of Roofing.

Roof Investigation Survey | Techniques and Services

Planned – Managed – Monitored

Weatherproofing Advisors provide a variety of surveying services for all types of roofs and cladding. 

• Flat Roofs

• Metal Roofs and Wall Cladding

• Inverted Roofs

• Balconies / Walkways

• Corrugated Asbestos Cement Roofs and Wall Cladding

• Galbestos

• Traditional Pitched Slated / Tiled Roofs


Survey Types

• Flat Roof Surveys incorporating Core Analysis

• Infra-Red Thermography

• Electronic Leak Detection

• Ultrasonic Leak Detection / Vacuum Testing

• Quality Control Integrity Testing

• MEWP/ Cherry Picker Visual Surveys

Good Service doesn’t happen by Accident 

Conventional Flat Roof Survey Incorporating Core Sampling and Moisture Probe Analysis. 


Electronic Leak Detection technique to find punctures / defects in waterproofing membrane. 


Quality Control Integrity testing survey technique to guarantee the newly installed roof membrane is free from defects. 

Infrared Thermography non-destructive technique to pinpoint areas of wet, missing or defective insulation.


Ultrasonic Leak Detection / Vacuum testing technique to identify air leakage spots on Cladding and Glazing. 


MEWP / Cherry Picker visual surveys. Survey Method used when physical access is not possible i.e. fragile roofs or roofs without safe access.