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Weatherproofing Advisors as the name suggests alludes to the company’s focus on providing the right solution when specifying roof repair or refurbishment works.

In order to provide the evidence to support our proposals it is critical that a thorough in depth survey is carried out of the existing roof and supporting structure, before providing our recommendations and preparing budgets.

Weatherproofing Advisors provide a comprehensive range of survey types and techniques to ensure our customers proposals are supported with the necessary evidence to justify the proposed works and expenditure.

Survey Types

  • If there is a safe access system – visual / physical examinations of the roof structure and system
  • Core analysis / moisture testing of membrane roofs
  • Corrugated asbestos roof – sampling to determine asbestos type
  • Infra-red thermographic analysis
  • Electronic leak detection
  • Ultrasonic leak detection / vacuum testing
  • Aerial UAV surveys using drones


Accessing the roof for short term work like roof surveys can pose substantial risks. With 30 years of experience in providing effective roof safety systems, Weatherproofing Advisors are continually looking at new innovations to reduce the risk to personnel working on roofs.

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveys provide a means of producing high quality imagery of a roof area without posing any risk to personnel.

These aerial roof surveys can highlight any issues with the structure or condition of any roof type and provide insights into areas that may require refurbishment, repair or maintenance. Take a look at the stunning images available with a UAV aerial roof survey.

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