We are always pleased when we have done a good job and the client comes back to us to thank us and to pass on feedback.  We are always especially please when they send an email highlighting the team members who have done the job, particular;y when it is so glowing as one that we received this week!

We hope that it doesn’t go to Richard and Gary’s heads, as their hard hats won’t fit them any more!!

On a serious note, well done to our highly skilled and highly personable team members Richard and Gary and thanks too to Christine for her kind words…..

Good morning,

I would like to pass on my thanks to both Richard and Gary for their expertise in carrying out the Pull Out test to the concrete frame of Harman House. I would like to thank both for keeping me informed of progress producing a full set of RAM’s also ensuring that H & S was carried out to a high standard throughout their time on site. Along with their unfailing cheerfulness in Wednesdays monsoon weather.

Many thanks to both it has been a pleasure to work with them.