There really is no other way to say this, as the words from the CSS say it all!  Well done to Ben and the whole team involved!!

“This site was an excellent site and the improvement suggested to soften the visual impact of the cabins would improve the
image further. This was a short duration project which nevertheless covered all the main attributes of much larger sites.
The project was the first strategic project with this national Client and no stones had been left unturned to ensure that every aspect of the site under the CCS Code was properly addressed. The Company’s philosophy to present an excellent image of the roofing industry was clearly commented upon in the Company newsletter.

The CM, BSM and the SM clearly demonstrated that the processes and procedures operated by the Company were in place to ensure safe working practices. The working relationship between the SM and the Store Manager appeared to be excellent and the attention to detail in daily working showed through in the compliments received.

The SM and the workforce appeared to work in close harmony with the store staff.

Commendations on several matters showed the considerate nature of the whole site team.

The Company provided a lot of documentation to back up site procedures and H & S matters.

The safety systems appeared to be well founded and the secure fencing and gated entrances prevented ingress by stray visitors.

The site welfare facilities were proportionate for the size of the workforce and for the nature of the short duration project.

The Company recruitment and apprenticeship policies appeared to be well founded.

Overall the excellent image of the roofing industry as presented was rewarded with this high score.

My thanks to Ben, Trish and Brian for their hospitality and responses.”