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Airbus Defence and Space | Stevenage

Airbus Defence and Space | Stevenage
May 14, 2019 admin

Issues Associated with Roof Mounted Plant

Weatherproofing Advisors have recently completed the complicated refurbishment of Airbus’s Main Manufacturing Facility Building in Stevenage. The Project consisted of the complete removal of the existing built up Waterproofing System down to the Structural Steel Deck. Installation of a New High Performance Waterproofing System comprising of a New Vapour Control Layer, Tapered Insulation, IKO Mach One Single Layer Cold Bonded Elastromeric felt membrane and the re-locating and re-fixing of all Roof Mounted equipment and services.

The Roof Bays covered an area of 22000m² and consisted of both flat and pitched roofs incorporating Valley Gutters.

Delivering Service the Weatherproofing way

Measured – Managed – Monitored

Apart from the challenges associated with removing the existing aged Waterproofing System from the building whilst the facilities below (i.e. Building and Testing Satellites) remained fully operational, Weatherproofing Advisors also had the task of re-fixing and re-locating the many Chiller and AC Units which populated much of the roof space.

To ensure the Client on completion received a meaningful Single Point Guarantee for the roof system with no Manufacturer exclusions, Weatherproofing Advisors worked with their nominated Mechanical and Engineering Sub-Contractors to design and install a variety of Temporary Supports / Frames to raise the equipment off the roof membrane allowing the roof to be fully encapsulated with the new Waterproofing System. The new frames incorporated Big Foot Support Pads which do not penetrate the new roof system and can be height adjusted to suit the various roof falls.

On completion of the works the client received a Twenty Year Guarantee from IKO PLC covering Design, Materials and Installation. Weatherproofing Advisors in conjunction with IKO PLC have provided Airbus with an Annual Inspection and Maintenance regime to ensure the Terms and Conditions associated with the Warranty are fully met.

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