Carbon Sequestration/Capture

Since the Industrial age we have been emitting millions of tons of Green House Gases into the environment, to such an extent that it is reported there is currently 875 gigatons of GHG’s within the atmosphere, increasing by 6.1 gigatons year on year. To reduce the effect this is having on the environment the Paris Agreement set a goal of ensuring that temperatures do not rise any more than 2°C above pre-industrial levels, while at the same time pursuing efforts to limit this to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

There are numerous things that we all can do to help achieve these goals from using renewable energy sources, being smarter with our energy use, recycling amongst many more. Unfortunately we are at a point now that this will only reduce what we are emitting, but goes no way to drawing down on what is in the environment. This is where we can help

The way we live our lives needs change to improve the world that we live in, and we believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to do something, however small that can make a difference. If we do not consider things like;

  • Where does the fuel come from to heat our home or cool our office space?
  • How many light do we leave on and how much energy does that use?
  • What car do we drive and ‘do we really need to use it today’
  • How can we improve our planet and more importantly protect it from getting any worse?

It is widely accepted that even by introducing the most efficient heating/cooling systems, the most effective insulation, utilising the most recyclable materials for production, having 100% electric cars we still need to draw down on what we have already emitted. We need to create a ‘New Carbon Economy’, where we are sequestering carbon and releasing oxygen. There currently only two ways of capturing carbon; the introduction of Mushroom Mycelium is by far the most biologically natural, cost effective, available and is ready now.

The sequestration of carbon (nitrogen and methane) from the atmosphere whilst releasing oxygen.

There are two main methods for this:

  • Biological, using mycelium within a bespoke blend to inoculate land
  • Non-biological, using man-made technological methods, i.e. Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Facility by Shell, Canada

Working in collaboration with our partners Hivemind we have manufactured and produced a unique blend of 44-46 mycelium that when introduced into a green roof or landscape increase the reach of the plant root system by up to 100 times subsequently enabling it to capture more greenhouse gases and produce more oxygen.

Mushroom Mycelium

Picture of the root of a plant inoculated with our Mushroom Mycelium

Introducing Mushroom Mycelium into a green roof or landscape will enable the plants to sequester carbon at a significant rate, specifically designed to meet your own carbon reduction goals. This will in turn and in time help improve air quality, hopefully slow down or indeed prevent climate change and achieve those goals set out by the Paris Agreement.

Energy is also becoming more and more expensive. Introducing a green roof has the potential to reduce your energy consumption by up to 15%, and in some cases by as much as 20%.