Safe Roof Inspections 

Any fall from height, whether that be from the roof, access ladder or scaffolding, can result in a life changing disabilitating injury or even worse a fatality.
The risks when accessing roof areas are substantial whether that be for long or short term work periods.
Many serious injuries and fatalities have been recorded in the Construction Industry which relate to short duration visits such as Roof Surveys and Inspections where scaffolding is not in place

Short-duration work

Short-duration work means tasks that are measured in minutes rather than hours such as roof inspections. Although it may not be reasonably practicable to provide full edge protection for short-duration work, you are however required to provide something in its place.
The minimum requirements for short-duration work on a roof are:

A safe means of access to the roof level 

A safe means of working on the roof  

Working Safely doesn’t happen by Accident 

Delivering Safety the Weatherproofing way | Measured – Managed – Monitored

As with all traditional forms of access and provisions for providing a safe working environment at height the costs when carrying out a roof survey can be disproportionally high. Weatherproofing Advisors are continually exploring new innovations to alleviate the risk to their employees, especially those associated with ‘Short Duration’ works, specifically roof inspections.

The pole camera is ideal for the inspection of properties and roofs as you are able to reach the perimeter of all two and many three story properties. An extremely fast setup time of around one minute to extend the pole and see the imagery on the screen at ground level.