ROOF CLADDING (Pitched Roofing)

Roof Cladding

Working within confines of a live environment, particularly on the roof of an occupied property is enough to frighten any prospective client, however for 30 years Weatherproofing Advisors have been doing just this on every conceivable type of pitched roof in every type of business sector.

Our approach is always the same, whether it is replacing an existing damaged roof on an EDF Nuclear Power Station, re-roofing 16,000 square metres of asbestos-cement over a live production line within an industrial building or even overlaying 5,000 square metres of roof for the UK’s largest DIY supplier B&Q, WPA ensure that every employee, visitor and contractor on site is safe, whilst at the same providing the client with absolute peace of mind that the project is completed with the right quality, on time and on budget.

The following pitched roofing works are carried out by all four of our service centres;

  • Asbestos Cement Strip and Re-sheets
    • Kingspan/TATA Composite Systems
    • Built up Systems (CA, Euroclad, Speedeck)
  • Asbestos Overlay – upgrading to current building regulations
  • Steel Roof replacement and Overlay (as above)
  • Roof-light Replacement
  • Gutter Lining and Coating
  • Roof Condition Surveys