Weatherproofing Advisors are pleased to announce that they have recently signed an exclusive partnering licence with US based company Hivemind to supply a unique Mushroom Mycelium blend for the inoculation of both Green Roofs and general landscapes.

Weatherproofing Advisors have been working very closely with Hivemind over the last number of months to finalise the first ever purposely designed installation of Mushroom Mycelium into a green roof. The project was part of a global Environmental Gateway programme that Cummins Turbo Technologies had coordinated with Marcela Novaro of Business Cubed. Hivemind were one of 5 successful winners, carefully chosen for their innovative solutions.

The introduction of Mushroom Mycelium into a Green Roof or Landscape can increase the capability of Sequestering Carbon by up to 100 times.

What does this mean?

Since the Industrial age we have been emitting millions of tons of Green House Gases into the environment, to such an extent that it is reported there is currently 875 gigatons of GHG’s within the atmosphere, increasing by 6.1 gigatons year on year. To reduce the effect this is having on the environment the Paris Agreement set a goal of ensuring that temperatures do not rise any more than 2o above pre-industrial levels, while at the same time pursuing efforts to limit this to 1.5o above pre-industrial levels.

There are numerous things that we all can do to help achieve these goals from using renewable energy sources, being smarter with our energy use, recycling amongst many more. Unfortunately we are at a point now that this will only reduce what we are emitting, but goes no way to drawing down on what is in the environment. This is where we can help……….

The Solution

Until recently it was believed that carbon captured and stored by plants was released within years as the plant died, decayed or burned. In fact, recent research shows that mycelium create a matrix with the roots, nitrogen fixing microbes, and soil to bind and capture carbon almost indefinitely–even after the plant dies. With the right engineering, these are not only carbon banks, but carbon vaults.

Weatherproofing Advisors, along with Hivemind can inoculate your green roof or landscape. This can be carried out as part of a new construction or retrospectively to help achieve your carbon reduction ambitions.


For further details of our carbon capture service please contact Andy Grieve to discuss your requirements.